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Guy Campo & The Contusions play all band music
Posted by: guycampo
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Guy Campo - Have Guitar - Will Rock - is a stone cold rock and roller and is currently performing his original songs with his band The Contusions.
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/guycampo

Established: 2005

Band Members:

Guy Campo (guycampo) -- Front man guitar and vocals
James Rossi -- Guitar Vocals
Justin Dansor -- Bass Vocals
Jesse Hubley -- Drums Vocals

ABOUT THE BAND - Guy Campo - Have Guitar - Will Rock - is a stone cold rock and roller and is currently performing his original songs with his band The Contusions.
Guy Campo loves to play everything under the sun. With his early styles seeded in folk, bluegrass and progressive rock, he has found a way to meld those musical styles with country, rockabilly and blues into his original compositions. This current lineup of music is great blend of rock, full of hooks and stories. Each song gives you something to relate to and sing along with the choruses. His performances with The Contusions are intense and burn with a passion as if he were performing his last song on earth. Members of his band are: Jesse Hubley (drums), Lindsay Leiper (bass), Greg Mauer (guitar) and Joe Glennon (guitar, mandolin and lap Steel).
Guy Campo is a veteran of playing almost every bar in the Tri-state area around Philadelphia. He has opened for national acts such as: John Mayall, Elvin Bishop, The Nighthawks and The Blasters. He has performed at numerous local festivals.
With guitars, harmonica, bass and mandolin - you will also find Guy Campo playing in the following outfits:
The Slim Jim n Big Guy Band. This band performs original interpretations of songs by Elvis, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, the blues and songs from the golden age of rock and roll. Long time sidekick Slim Jim, Eddie Rochan and Joe Glennon, provide the perfect accompaniment to the Campo world of orchestrated rocknroll mayhem.
The Rockadiles: perform dirty and lowdown versions of rockin' blues with longtime members Slim Jim, Lindsay "9 Lives" Leiper, Slim Jim, Ed "The Mighty One" Rochan and Dennis "Diesel" Conlan.
The Sarcastics for 10 years Guy Campo fronted this power trio performing the songs of Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, George Thorogood, ZZ Top, Chuck Berry and other great classics. Members: Dave Hankele and Dan Murray.
Guy Campo has also been featured as a multi-instrument sideman, playing with Scott McClatchy and Kevin McQuiston.
Guy Campo is also currently playing solo, with acoustic guitar and harmonica, around the Philadelphia area.
His website can be found at www.reverbnation.com/guycampo or www.facebook.com/guycampomusic.
If interested in the music drop me an email gcampo52@aol.com


Guy Campo & The Contusions
United States  19003
Posted by: guycampo
Contact: Guy Campo
Email: gcampo52@aol.com
Web: http://www.reverbnation.com/guycampo


music Dance With The Bride
music Crackin' Up My Cadillac
music Durango
music Sweet Sweet Sheila
music Rippin Up Tearin Up
music Dreams Come True

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