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In an effort to support local, regional and national independent music scenes, Jones Soda Co. has created Jones Independent Music.

The purpose of the Jones Independent Music is to allow for an alternative way to let music lovers and musicians to communicate, share and learn from one another. This site features an information and support network that includes databases, links and ...
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Share your original music now
We're supporting the independent artists with original music to share. All you need is to do is sign up (free!) and tell us a bit about your music. With our playlist technology you'll build a fan list in no time!
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local band locator

Now you can find bands in your local area. Here's how:

• Use the search box, shown above, and enter any five-digit zip code to find bands within 150 miles. USA only.

• Feeling it's time for a road trip? You can increase the search area by including a "+" sign. So "98109+100mi" will find you all the bands in the 98109 area within a 250 mile radius.

• Too many bands? Narrow down your searches by including search terms. "98109 punk" gives you all the punk bands in a 150mile radius for that zip code.

Have fun! Find great new bands in your area.

Add your band, or yourself to the myJonesMusic Map

add band to the myjonesmusic map

Is your band getting lost in the crowd? Make it stick out on the myJonesMusic Map. It's simple, just add your name and photo and everyone will find you.

See also the JonesSoda Map of heroes.

Listen to music while surfing the web

With our new new media player it really is that easy. Find out how you can create your own personal playlists, share them with your friends and have your own radio station on the Internet.
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